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Makeup and
Hair Styling

For those who want to become highly skilled in makeup and hair styling, Novi Arimuko offers a Makeup Course and Hair Styling Course. In this course you will get lessons and implement your skills in our facility from our professional and experienced in-house instructors.

You can apply for the course for one person or in a group, and after completing the course, every student will get an attendance certificate.

If you have any questions or interested in our Makeup and Hair Styling Course, please feel free to contact us.

Novi Arimuko Makeup & Hair Styling Course:

    • Basic and advanced makeup course (10 days @ 6 hours)
  • HAIR STYLING COURSE (10 days @ 6 hours)
    • Basic and advanced hair styling
    • Wedding makeup course (10 days @ 6 hours)
    • Solo putri / Yogya putri / Sunda putri  & Siger Bridal course (15 days @ 6 hours)
    • Solo basahan / Paes ageng Bridal course (20 days @ 6 hours)
    • Yogya putri & Paes ageng / Solo putri & Solo basahan Bridal course (20 days @ 6 hours)