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Wedding Costumes/Dresses & Accessories Rental

To give a complete service, we also provide wedding costumes/dresses and accessories for rent, especially for Indonesian traditional weddings. Our collections are in excellent condition and available in many styles and colors and made by Indonesian top designer.

We happily customize our collections to suit your needs.

  • Women:
    • Modern Kebaya
    • Traditional Kebaya
    • Dodot (Java, Solo and modification)
    • Traditional Clothes (Jarik, Songket, Prada Bali, etc.)
    • Many more
  • Men (for the groom, the parents, and among):
    • Beskap and The Equipments (Yogyakarta & Solo)
    • National Costume (Demang)
    • Traditional Clothes (Jarik, songket, Prada Bali, etc.)
    • Dodot (Yogyakartaand Solo)
    • Selop, Blangkon, Peci, and Many more
  • Traditional and Modern Accessories:
    • Traditional
      • Complete set of jewelry from Java, Sunda, Betawi, Madura, Bali, Palembang, Padang, Melayu, Tapanuli, Makasar,Banjarmasin, or Modification, etc.
    • Modern
      • Crowns, Head Pieces, Earrings, Necklaces, Brooch, etc.
    • Traditional Ceremonies Equipment
      • Gentong Siraman, Angkringan, etc.